Landing pages

Landing page are used to convert visitors into leads, but how about making that experience more personal? We can generate landing pages that allow you to show different segments of content based on your readers’ interest or life cycle stage. This leads to higher conversions and happy visitors as the experience is more personal for them.

So what makes us different?

MAKE CONTENT MORE PERSONAL – customize your content based on information you have gathered about your audience. Find out more information using forms that never ask the same question twice.

CREATE LANDING PAGES IN SECONDS – build landing pages in a few easy steps without any code. Drag and drop templates make it easy to change the structure and design.

TEST EARLY, TEST OFTEN – you don’t have to second guess what works on your landing pages. Our software tests every element of the page to figure out how to drive higher conversion rates.


Easy editing and forms

Whether you are a marketer or developer, you can quickly and easily create and style your landing pages and forms – convert all that traffic you’ve generated through your site. Intuitive Editing allows you to create content and add images and forms to your landing pages without using any code. You can then preview how your page looks on different devices before publishing. Forms are easy to build with the templates and allow you to ask different questions to gather more information about leads.

Adaptive landing pages

The Smart Content allows you to automatically cater your content to readers’ specific interests, life cycle stage, or industry. Having personalized content is an effective draw card so take full advantage of this tool.

A/B test everything

Our software allows you to A/B test your landing pages so you can be 100 per cent confident that your calls to action, headline and images are what you want your readers to see.