Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a powerful tool, but it’s only one part of your marketing machine. With our interconnected tools, you can build a pipeline of new, engaged contacts; nurture them with quality content at exactly the right time and place, empowering your sales team to act when it’s most relevant. This is marketing automation that spans your whole strategy.

So what makes us different?

GOALS NOT BRANCHES – too many marketing automation campaigns look like a tangled mess of branches. Instead of only focusing on arbitrary email opens and clicks, our software graduates your leads from a campaign the moment they achieve a new status.

MORE THAN EMAIL – our workflows can accomplish so much more than just sending emails to prospects. You can use also send internal notifications, score leads, and even personalise the content on your website to each viewer.

GROW YOUR LIST- you can upload a list into any marketing automation tool, but what happens when that list runs low or the addresses erode? Our full-funnel marketing platform gives you tools to grow your list in addition to sending to it.


Build automated workflows around your goals

We make it easy to start building automated workflows from scratch, or in a structured way based around your buyer personas and goals. We can take everything you know about a lead into context and put your leads into the most relevant workflow for them right from the start. When the lead reaches the set goal, that particular campaign stops. From there, you can move them to a new campaign, send them to sales, or take other actions. Campaigns can be as simple or as complex as you like and you can also set a particular timeframe for them.

Grow your list

Sending to the same contacts over and over again only goes so far and may not grow your business. Our software gives you the tools to help you generate new leads so you have a constant stream of prospective customers to nurture. You can also convert them from landing pages, and then segment them and develop personalised content.

Nurture beyond email

Workflows are tied to every marketing channel, so your leads will see relevant, personalised messages whether they’re at their inbox or on your site. You can use the same Smart Content and CTAs that you use in your emails on the website, giving your readers a consistent message and look and feel.