Our Search Engine Optimisation tool will get you found. Most SEO tools are stand alone requiring you to conduct research in a silo and remember to prioritise certain keywords in your website and blog. Ours is an all in one platform, your SEO recommendations are next to your content tools, allowing you to quickly act upon your high priority keywords.

So what makes us different?

NATIVE SEO – search for SEO tools today and you’ll find a myriad of plug-ins. It can be tough to separate the good from the bad. Our SEO features are native and maintained so you don’t have to think about it.AS YOU TYPE ADVICE – you don’t have to know anything about SEO to rank well – our tool creates blog posts and gives you as you type advice to improve the content you’re creating so it’s optimised to rank well in search results.

STAY UP TO DATE – search algorithms are always evolving and we keep up with the times. Our in house experts will help you set your first SEO strategy and our software, with Google+ integration and mobile optimised pages, will keep your strategy current.


Find keywords to target

Good search rank starts with good keyword research. This SEO helps you optimise the right keywords, improve your rank over time by suggesting higher ranking words, and also keep an eye on other businesses in your industry, so you can see where you are placed in your field.

Get As You Type recommendations

Your visitors are coming to your site for different reasons, and you can cater your content to their specific interests, lifecycle stage, or industries. When you type in a key word you will get recommendations for a better word or a prompt to insert a link, and also see what words are currently the most effective in your posts to date.

Analyse your SEO

The average user of this software averages 3.5 times more visitors per month than when using other SEO tools. A Sources Report will show you how much traffic you have attracted through organic traffic over time and through which keywords show you the effectiveness of individual pages, and will alert you to any SEO problems and tell you how to remedy them.