Social media

You may want to know what your customers and leads are saying about you on social media. But how do you know who’s who? Our Social Inbox plugs into your contacts database, colour codes your customers and leads, helps you prioritise your responses, and delivers real social ROI. It’s the context you need to stop wasting time with impersonal connections and disconnected conversations. Move social media from a side show to a business driver.

So what makes us different?

TIED INTO A CONTACT DATABASE – this software allows you to see someone’s entire history with your company, from page views to email opens to customer status.

IT SHOWS YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT – because our software integrates all of your marketing analytics and CRM, you can finally see the number of leads and customers’ social media is generating for your company.

INTEGRATED INTO THE REST OF YOUR MARKETING – having all of your content, reports and contacts integrated into the same system streamlines publishing and makes reporting more comprehensive.


Prioritised social engagement
Spend more time connecting with the people that matter to your business. Our Social Inbox shows you social activity on your connected accounts or published content. You can explore contacts, learn more about your followers on Twitter, discover content that resonates with your audience, maintain and enjoy ongoing conversations across multiple social networks – all from your Social Inbox.

Better social monitoring

Colour coding tweets enable you to get more context about who you are talking to allowing you to talk about more relevant topics. You can trigger email alerts when a contact mentions you or a keyword and get more information about contacts before you contact them.
Smarter social publishing
Our social media publishing helps you become smarter about the way you schedule and publish content on social media. You can publish to different platforms, schedule posts and insert existing images and text for your publication.

Analytics that show social media ROI

Don’t waste time on what doesn’t work. Our analytics will show you once and for all what efforts are generating interactions, visits, leads and most importantly — customers. Your access to hard data can validate your social media efforts and help you to identify the channels that best work for you.

Take Social inbox wherever you go

Whether you’re on the go with your Smartphone or just browsing the web, it’s easy to stay connected to your Social Inbox with our mobile app and Chrome extension. You can download our app from the App Store or Google Play to publish messages, monitor streams and effortlessly stay connected to social media on the go.

Sharing buttons

You can set up your blog to automatically share new posts as they go live. With one click, place social icons across your web pages and posts for easy sharing.